Pitched as the only online meeting planning tool that is cost-focused, AllMeetings.com has experienced more than 100 percent growth each month since its launch in May 1999, according Brian Ashton, vice president of the Henderson, Nev.-based company.

Planners like the Web site, Ashton says, "because we help them find the overall lowest-cost location for their meetings." AllMeetings.com uses a proprietary search engine with thousands of hotels as well as average meal, airfare, and ground transportation costs based on the city selected. A planner completes an online form with meeting dates, departure airports, and the number of attendees departing from each location.

If a planner does not also include a specific meeting destination, the site will return a list of destinations from least to most expensive in spreadsheet form that includes average meal, air, and ground transportation costs.

If the planner already has the meeting city in mind, the site will find the best hotel value. And if the planner has chosen the specific meeting hotel, the site's Budget Estimator will create an overall meeting budget in seconds. Also available: value dates and an online RFP form.

AllMeetings.com charges hotels a 10 percent commission upon booking. Visit www.allmeetings.com.