Show your winners another side of Paris — in style, of course: They can discover hidden charms of the City of Light while riding in the back seat of a Citroën 2CV on a custom-tailored trip over Paris' cobblestoned back streets.

InterContinental Paris Le Grand teams up with tour company 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie (also the affectionate nickname for the vintage classic Citroën, which, with its convertible canvas top and squat profile, looks a bit like “four wheels under one umbrella”). The company offers several tours, including Secret Paris (how about a stop at Arènes de Ludèce, an excavated, first-century Roman amphitheater in a quiet section of the Latin Quarter?); Paris Outskirts, taking a look outside the city limits; and for first-time visitors, the Eternal Paris tour, with an upclose look at some of Paris' most famous sites and monuments, from hilltop Montmartre to the Champs-Élysées to the Eiffel Tower. The company will also customize tours to your qualifiers' interests.

Multilingual chauffeur guides, well-versed in the history of Paris, keep up an entertaining travelogue from the driver's seat while guests settle into the plush, velvety back seat and enjoy the ride. Combine the journey with a morning brunch in St.-Germain-de-Prés, a picnic in one of the city's gardens, or a dip into authentic French cuisine at a historic brasserie for the full package.