Ginny Trainor, Assistant Vice President, ACE, Philadelphia

What was your overall impression of the conference?
This being the first time I have participated in any professional meeting of this type, I was stunned by the number of people gathered in one spot who do what I do. It was both an education and a pleasure to be in the participant role as opposed to the support role. It was also wonderful to experience the camaraderie and openness of the group.

Did the education meet your expectations?
I took something away from each session. Some things were simply another way of looking at event logistics, and others were ideas that I plan to incorporate.

Do you feel as if it was worth your time out of the office to attend?
It was absolutely worth it, but so hard. Like everyone else who is spinning lots plates on sticks, I found myself working to both engage with FICP and keep the programs I’m working on moving. It’s a great group of people and I am pleased to be a member.

Linda Anderson, Meetings and Incentives Coordinator, Monumental Life Insurance, Durham, N.C.

What was your overall impression of the conference?
As a first timer to the FICP Conference in Miami, I was so excited to be asked to represent our company at such a wonderful and informative conference and venue. I enjoyed networking with other meeting planners and hospitality partners in the industry.

Did the education and speakers meet your expectations?
Keynote speakers were phenomenal. I enjoyed their energy and enthusiasm on their particular topics (and a little laughter goes a long way). The educational sessions I attended were very interesting and the topics that were discussed provided much insight on the way we do business today in this industry.

What did you find most beneficial or valuable about attending the meeting?
One of the most beneficial things I took away from this conference was being able to talk with hospitality partners in the industry that I have worked with but never had an opportunity to put a voice to a face. Also valuable to me were the relationships I made during the conference and the many things I learned from each one of them.

Brett Barrowman, Vice President, American Fidelity Assurance, Oklahoma City, Okla.

How many FICP annual conferences have you attended?

What did you find most valuable at this year’s conference in Miami?
The educational components were fantastic. It was nice to have relevant choices. Too bad a person can only be in one place at a time. There were several I needed to attend but had to limit to the time we had.

Did you think The Network met its goals or is there something else you would try with regard to the tabletop trade show?
I thought it was very much improved. The format was great, easy to navigate, and there was room to stop and visit. This event has always been a tough one to design but you don’t know what will work until you try something new and different.

Sharon Chapman, CMP, CMM, Manager, Conference Planning, The Guardian Life Insurance Co., Pittsfield, Mass.

Could you answer a few questions as a veteran FICP annual meeting attendee?
I’m happy to, but I’m prejudiced: I picked Miami and I was on the Annual Meeting Design Team!

OK, knowing that, what was your overall impression of the program in Miami?
Absolutely awesome. It was high energy, there was a lot of value in the education components, we had high attendance, and the Fontainebleau did an amazing job. Every attendee I talked to said that the service level was top notch.

How many FICP annual meetings have you attended?

What is the biggest benefit for you of annual meeting attendance?
Networking with peers and hospitality partners is one of the biggest benefits for me. Also, walking away with two or three new ideas on how to do business.

Laura Harper, Assistant Director of Sales, Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa, Birmingham, Ala.

As a first-timer, what surprised you the most?
I had heard that the group was very tightknit, so I expected to feel like a party-crasher. I was surprised at how welcome I was made to feel, especially by other hospitality partners.

What was most valuable to you from your attendance at the FICP Annual Conference?
The opportunity to have a conversation and a cocktail with meeting planners I would not have otherwise met was invaluable. Now I am not just the girl who sends crazy e-mails, I am the friend they met in Miami.

Farzana Bhatti, CMP, Senior Sales Executive, JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, Calif.

How many FICP annual conferences have you attended?

What was your overall impression of the 2010 FICP Annual Conference?
The Fontainebleau delivered an exceptional conference. That is a very big statement offered by a competitor! It was great to see a number of new faces, both planners and hospitality partners.

What are your primary reasons for attending the FICP conference?
Education and the numerous networking opportunities. The FICP Annual Conference is the one conference Desert Springs will always attend.