Karin Pontelandolfo, CMP
Senior Meeting Planner, Meeting Management & Event Strategy
Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston

FICP Northeast Region Vice Chair

What has been the biggest benefit of FICP membership for you?
The education I receive from FICP conferences has had a major impact on me and my career. Not only are the sessions informative, but I also learn from face-to-face conversations with hospitality partners and other planners. Some of my most beneficial takeaways have come from conversations over breakfast. FICP has created a friendly, noncompetitive environment that promotes learning through networking. I’ve also been thrust out of my comfort zone and into the Northeast Region spotlight, which has allowed me to grow and learn both professionally and personally.

What will be your biggest meeting planning challenge in the year ahead?
Like most in this industry, I am challenged to produce more work with less time and fewer resources. Liberty Mutual is poised to have its busiest meeting planning year yet. To meet this challenge, I plan to get creative and work smarter. I am a big proponent of not reinventing the wheel, and I am not afraid to reach out to fellow FICP members to ask for advice.

What is it about meeting planning that makes it the right career for you?
I am a natural planner and inquisitive person. (My college friends called me ‘411’ because I had all the information on everything!) I enjoy the process of planning and am fulfilled when an event comes together as I had imagined it. No two events are alike, so I am continually learning and feeling challenged. I also enjoy building relationships with business partners and HPers. It is a very satisfying and rewarding job.

What is your best travel tip?
I just got a Kindle and I love it! I download a few books and am able to carry them all in my purse. (Don’t forget to bring a magazine to read until you’re at 10,000 feet and can turn the Kindle on!)

Describe your favorite object or photo in your office right now.
It’s my Cape Cod wall calendar. The Cape is my happy place, and I hope to own a home there one day. Having my calendar motivates me to work hard so I can accomplish that goal.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
The power to instantly transport myself places. I could visit my family in my hometown anytime I want without a three-hour drive; I would have a two-second commute instead of 1.5 hours; and I could go on vacation without the hassle of lines and baggage fees!