Picture this: three days doing nothing but sampling divine food and wine in the sun-dappled Italian countryside. In olive oil season, groups work with an expert “mastro oleario,” who teaches them the subtle differences between oils. On a visit to a dairy, they see how some of the most famous Italian cheeses are made and prepare dishes based on the different cheeses. Of course, there's always a wine tasting, and winners can even assist in the grape harvest.

“Our clients not only get to taste some of the products Italy is rich in, but also have an opportunity to learn their history and realize that food and wine are part of the local culture,” says Anna Fabriani of DMC Anfithrion (www.anfithrion.it), which has been planning Italian gastronomy tours for European incentive groups for years and is now serving the U.S. market. The ideal group size is 20 to 25 people, and pricing varies.