Does the challenge of developing quality CME with a measurable impact on patient care seem daunting to you? Here's a conference that can bring out your inner leader.

During CME Leadership in the 21st Century: A Case-based Conference for Current and Future Leaders in CME, scheduled for April 13 to 17, at Duke University, Durham, NC., attendees will be divided into groups to work on case projects. Every participant will also be assigned a faculty member as a mentor, who will help assess the attendee's leadership strengths and develop an action plan. Co-sponsored by Duke University School of Medicine and Professional Postgraduate Services, the program faculty includes Joseph S. Green, PhD, associate dean of CME, Duke Office of CME; Marty Cearnal, CEO, Physicians World/Thomson Healthcare; and Murray Kopelow, MD, executive director, Accreditation Council for CME.

For information, call the Duke Office of CME at (800) 222-9984.