A Doctor's House Call

Dear Editor: I just read your editor's letter [January/February 2004], and I am very touched by your story. I develop education for people who work in home care and hospice and have had the privilege to meet a number of physicians who provide hospice care. They are amazing people.

In light of recent concerns about physicians' experiences providing emotional care, I will share a personal story. My mother died in February of this year. We had walked her path of Alzheimer's disease with her for more than six years. The final two years were spent in a special care unit in a nursing home. (She received wonderful care there, despite the horror stories that abound.) Along with the AD, she suffered some typical aging issues such as osteoporosis and associated broken hips, wrists, and more. She had a terrific orthopedic surgeon who always claimed that he was “just the mechanic” fixing broken bones, leaving bedside care and patient concerns to the primary physician.

A few weeks after Mother died, I happened to see her orthopedist at a social function in our community. I went over to speak to him. I told him that Mother had passed away and he expressed his sympathy for my loss. I also told him how much we appreciated his care for her over the years and how much comfort I had from knowing we could communicate with him and his staff easily. About five days after the banquet, I received a very sweet, handwritten note from him. He told me that it touched him deeply that I took the time to thank him and to say such kind things. I was very impressed with that gesture. It reinforced my positive attitude toward physicians.
LeeAnn Mazurka
Program Coordinator
Missouri Alliance for Home Care
Jefferson City, Mo.

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