Dear Editor: Your recent article, “CME's Voice in Washington,” [March/April 2006] and the call to form a government advocacy task force is a critical and time-sensitive rescue mission that should be carried out by professionals in the CME industry and other collaborators. The future of CME will be contingent upon whether we can develop business models with less dependency on pharmaceutical support and more emphasis on outcomes and how CME impacts and adds value to the marketplace.

I believe CME does work and is essential to quality patient care, but its [public] perception has been [damaged]. CME is a business and must operate as a business. CME stakeholders must collaborate and share problems, ideas, resources, and opportunities. Ultimately, this collaboration and commitment would speak volumes and many would listen to the changing voice of CME. How can we help make it happen?
Kim E. Davis, MA
President and CEO
Events Unlimited Inc.
Deptford, N.J.