Tell Your Senator

Dear Editor: I have been working in the CME field for more than 10 years, and I enjoyed your article “Senate Spotlights CME” (January/February, page 8). It prompted me to send an e-mail to the Senate Finance Committee chairman and tell him that the focus should be on the pharmaceutical companies' promotion of their products directly to consumers. If a physician can be influenced to prescribe certain medications, that influence is more likely going to come from a patient saying “I want this drug” than from attending a CME conference. Physicians are well-educated and should be given more credit.

At the end of the day, if the politicians still believe that their doctors can be influenced by pharmaceutical support of CME, then maybe the politicians should start funding CME.

Thank you for the informative articles in Medical Meetings. It is a great publication.
Anne Kucinich
CME Coordinator
Michigan State University Kalamazoo
Center for Medical Studies
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Focus on People

Dear Editor: As someone who works in the medical communications field, I really enjoyed “A Modicum of Respect” (December 2006, page 6).

We marketing people are trained to keep our focus on the consumer, the customer — the “target audience” in communication efforts. And we adapt our message to each audience. Doctors, nursing staff, and technicians often forget that their “business” is the maintenance of human life — keeping people alive is what really matters.

People are people, not machines or objects, so they need (and deserve) attention geared to each individual. Your friend, for instance, deserved some explanation and privacy during her breast cancer treatment — just maybe they should have assigned a woman photographer. …

If doctors, nursing staff, and technicians kept their focus on the people — and not on the medicine, process, money, and whatever else — we would all be better off.

Thank you for bringing up the importance of respect for the people in the CME market.
Eduardo Domingues
Account Services Director
Ogilvy Healthworld
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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