Tommie Kozlov of Ambassador Performance Group, an incentive house in Newport Beach, Calif., had a challenge: her client, a major insurance company, wanted a fabulous location-- all to themselves!

Her solution was the Grand Bay Hotel Puerto de la Navidad, set on a magnificent golf course, located on an exclusive peninsula between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.

A buyout of the whole property provided 200 oversized, luxurious guest rooms, including 31 suites for the top echelon. The company also requested a truly extraordinary event. This was accomplished with the help of MHT Incentives, a DMC in Puerto Vallarta.

A small, nearby village needed its church repaired. The company made a substantial donation to this worthy cause. As a thank you, the town held a "fiesta" in its honor. Attendees were asked to wear white. At the party, each received a colorful Mexican item-- a belt, shawl, or hat--to dress up their outfit. Kozlov says, "By the end, the villagers and the attendees were hugging each other and there wasn't a dry eye in the whole town!"