Twenty-five years ago, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport had a yearly traffic flow of two million passengers. Today, it exceeds 29 million. New terminals and additional facilities continue to be added so that the airport meets passenger requirements.

Sky Harbor is a major Southwestern United States hub, linked to cities worldwide with frequent service provided by 18 major carriers. Smaller commuter and connecting airlines furnish hourly service to cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tucson and others. AeroLitoral, Air Canada, Aeromexico Airlines and British Airways provide international service. Among the carriers offering domestic service are America West, American, ATA, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Northwest, Southwest, TWA, United, and Western Pacific. This number of airlines coming into a single city helps create a competitive atmosphere that tends to keep fares down, even during prime winter months.

The airport is located just 10 minutes from downtown Phoenix and less than 30 minutes from major resorts and hotels.