Medical Meetings magazine and the Center for Business Intelligence have inked an exclusive two-year arrangement that names the International Medical Meeting Professionals Association the lead association partner for the annual U.S. conferences they co-organize for pharmaceutical and life science meeting professionals.

IMMPA will host a roundtable and sponsor a booth at the upcoming third annual Life Sciences Meetings Management Forum, December 8-9, in San Diego. IMMPA also will provide an educational forum at MM’s and CBI’s 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Management Forum, March 27-29, 2011, at the Philadelphia Marriott.

Developing New Certification for Medical Meeting Pros
The organization, which was launched in 2009, is creating a program that will enable medical meeting professionals to earn the Certified Medical Meeting Professional, or CMMP, designation. The certification program will include classroom instruction and an extensive testing program designed to keep medical meeting professionals current with the profession. The organization is working with a university to administer the certification program.

“The IMMPA certification program has been created specifically to create additional training experiences and expand the knowledge base in the working toolbox of every medical meeting manager,” says Tony Prusak, IMMPA vice president for communications and technology and director of convention sales for Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center.

“IMMPA is in a growth phase and this partnership will greatly assist in putting IMMPA certification in front of medical meeting planners. As the CMMP certification is rolled out, MM and CBI will offer face-to-face opportunities in which planners can network, learn, study, and enhance their professionalism,” adds IMMPA President Lisa Keilty, president of Keilty Group.

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