✔ What business problem will this solve?
✔ What are issues of concern with respect to the current situation? Why can’t it continue as is?
✔ What is the gap in the existing environment (risk, spend, savings, service, consistency, processes, resources, etc.)?
✔ Is this a good fit with our strategic initiatives and objectives?
✔ What are the costs and benefits?
✔ What are the risks? How are meetings and events managed today?
✔ What is the scope? Is it global? Domestic? Other?
✔ Is strategic sourcing and contract management
✔ Are payments made to suppliers using a centralized system in order to capture all meetings-related spend?
✔ Are all legal and regulatory risks mitigated?
✔ How can resources be
used to reduce duplication of effort and increase
✔ How can we ensure that documents are retained in the proper location for the correct amount of time?
✔ How much new business are we missing out on by not staffing?

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