Institute for Continuing Healthcare Education

601 Walnut St.
Suite 275W
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Cathy Pagano, President
Fax 215-592-9085

Business model: Education only
Capabilities: Global
Type of firewall: Separate companies/divisions
Tax status: For Profit
Year founded: 1986
CME advisory board: Yes
Joint-sponsor programs: Yes
Co-sponsor programs: Yes
ACCME-accredited: Yes
Credit provided for: Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, osteopaths, dieticians, and all other allied healthcare professionals
Majority of company funding from: Industry, Corporate
Education format: Live meetings and symposia, online eClinics, monographs, newsletters, education specialty Web portals, multi-interdisciplinary education, etc.
Primary activities: Certified continuing medical education development, outcomes measurement expertise, accreditation services
Clients/Grantors: Extensive background collaborating with academic and medical societies
Area of therapeutic expertise/specialty: Oncology/Hematology, Neuroscience/CNS, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology
Member of: NAMECC, Alliance for CME