1. Know your recipient
It’s all about making first impressions count, so why not personalize your basket? If you know that your client or colleague has a specific interest, then focus on that.
2. Take advantage of discount offers
Many companies offer companies a discount structure for large corporate gift orders, including gift cards. Be sure to take advantage of early ordering discounts, which can save you up to 15 percent.
3. Perceived value is important
The perceived value of a gift is greatly increased depending on how it is presented and packaged. Choose a brand that creates an impression of both luxury and quality. Finally, presentation is important, so work with a company that offers a complete wrapping service and a personal message at no extra charge.
4. Keep in mind final ordering deadlines and delivery dates
They will be here before you know it! (At Harrods, the last day of ordering for Christmas deliveries is December 6.)

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