Each year, the Motivation Show spotlights dozens of new products in its Innovative Products Gallery. Be assured, your employees will do what it takes to win these slick new toys:

PHILIPS PSS010 What a great shape — a spherical radio. It's reminiscent of the Bose Wave radio, with an unexpectedly big sound.

PHILIPS KEY019 WEARABLE DIGITAL CAMCORDER Just point and shoot, without even taking it off your neck. Capture 25 minutes of MPEG4 video or snap 2,000 2 Megapixel photos.

CITIZEN 2.5-INCH ACTIVE MATRIX HAND-HELD TV That's right — a TV that sits in your palm. The 201.696-pixel count means brilliant resolution, too.

SHARPER IMAGE WIRELESS 900 MHZ OUTDOOR SPEAKERS How many times have you wanted to pipe music outdoors but didn't want to deal with the hassle of moving the speakers? Not anymore. Just pick them up and take them with you!