1. Frommer’s Travel Tools for iPhone
Currency converter, packing list, time translator, unit converter (Celsius to Fahrenheit, for example) city guides, tip calculator, even a travel trivia game for those long flights

2. TripIt Travel Organizer for iPhone
Forward your travel confirmation e-mails to plans@tripit.com to build a trip itinerary.

3. Skype for iPhone/BlackBerry/Android
Don’t worry about cell phone coverage overseas. Skype your kids and your office instead.

4. Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone
Currently lists more than 545,000 locations in 144 countries. Using the GPS function on your iPhone, the Wi-Fi finder will tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is, and how to get there.

5. WorldMate for iPhone/BlackBerry/Android
Acts as your personal travel assistant. Store your travel itinerary and meeting schedule, monitor airline schedules in real time, and more. For real road warriors, upgraded packages are available for purchase.

6. Poynt for iPhone/BlackBerry/Android
Locates nearby restaurants, bars, or other businesses, with detailed information and maps. New features added regularly.

7. iTranslate for iPhone
Translates into 52 languages; now has voice recognition, so you can speak the English word and get the translation.

8. Navita Translator for BlackBerry
Translates into more than 50 languages

9. World Customs & Cultures for iPhone
Customs, cultural information, and facts about more than 165 countries, separated into categories such as greetings, personal space and touching, laws, taboos, and more.

10. Sit or Squat for iPhone/BlackBerry
At last count more than 106,000 public toilets worldwide. More added every day!