Mobile apps can turn events into interactive, engaging experiences—as long as your attendees are downloading and using them. Here are QuickMobile’s top tips for getting the word out:

1. Use Your Web Site Well

• Write a few bullet points to explain why an attendee should download your app. Focus on the benefits to users, don’t just list the app’s features.

• Be sure the URL for the app download is simple. (Use, bitly, or to turn your long URL into one that’s short and sweet.)

• Design creative promotional banners and post them in high-traffic areas of your site.

2. Take the Right Tone With Social Media

• On LinkedIn, post a short update to your LinkedIn page using a professional voice. Remember to include your app download URL by selecting “Attach a link”: This makes it faster for people to jump to the app download page.

• On Facebook, add a post with screen shots from the app and use a more casual tone of voice to get people excited.

• One month before your event, start tweeting at least three times a week about your app and your event.

• Find creative ways to share your message via YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Flick’r as well.

3. E-mail All Participants

• Once everyone has registered for your event, create a compelling e-mail blast that describes the app’s benefits and offers quick instructions on how to download it and get started. Remember your short and sweet URL (see tip No. 1).

• One week before the event, send a reminder e-mail to all registrants using slightly different wording. Two days before, send a last-minute reminder. On arrival day, send a welcome e-mail and include those simple download instructions again to catch as many participants as possible.

4. Create Short Videos

• Start with an intro video that introduces the app, clearly explains its features, and motivates viewers to download and use it. Call out specific tools and show how they can make their event experience better.

• Consider tutorial videos that walk participants through each feature, showing them how to change personal settings in the app.

• Post your videos to YouTube and your Web site, and link to them from social media sites. On site at the event, have the videos playing on screens throughout the hotel meeting space or convention center.

5. Use Your Speakers and Exhibitors

• Upload speaker presentations so attendees can access them through the mobile app “documents” feature.

• Ask speakers and exhibitors to send pre-event social media posts to their followers, fans, and connections to announce the app and encourage downloads. During and after the event, speakers can broadcast how attendees can access their presentations on the app.

6. Don’t Forget Old-Fashioned Signage

• Go big with your message on site: Create banners and tabletop signs that reinforce the information you’ve already sent out through e-mail, social media, and the Web. Announce the mobile app in as few words as possible and clearly show how to download it. Use bold imagery.

• Place your tabletop signs and banners strategically by the registration area to greet attendees as they arrive. Put them in highly visible areas throughout the meeting space. Print extra tabletop signs for all keynote sessions, breakouts, and networking events.

7. Announce Your App in Person

• Get a keynote speaker to build excitement for your mobile app by mentioning it in his or her presentation. Better yet, have the speaker give attendees a sneak preview of the app and display that short and sweet link for downloading it.

• Host a mobile app support booth and put support staff at wireless hotspots throughout the meeting space to help those who might shy away from new technologies or might need a little extra help. Have staff members wear recognizable shirts so they stand out from the crowd—and show your commitment to customer service.

Source: QuickMobile, the Vancouver, B.C.–based developer of mobile event solutions. These solutions help meeting professionals increase attendee participation, build loyalty, generate revenue, create a richer event experience, extend events into a year-long conversation, and foster lasting relationships with their audiences.