A survey released last week by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) shows that most people don't know the signs of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis' most visible symptoms are bone fractures. Once a fracture happens, the disease is often advanced and other bones are likely to break. Signs include pain, loss of height and stooped posture. To reduce the incidence of fractures related to osteoporosis, AACE has updated its guidelines for optimal osteoporosis care. The 2001 Osteoporosis Treatment Guidelines outlines recommendations for prevention and treatment of the disease, and is available online.

If women and their doctors don't link bone fractures and osteoporosis, as the survey states they don't, many women will continue to go untreated and will be at greater risk for subsequent fractures and a diminished quality of life.

For a downloadable .pdf file of the updated AACE guidelines, visit http://www. the AACE website.