The editors' favorite innovations to help you do your job better — or at least have fun trying

A Blade for Bitheads

Need a pillow gift for your outstanding engineers? Look no further. The CyberTool 41 is a genuine Swiss Army Knife, but along with the standard blade, screwdriver, and corkscrew come a variety of Torx bits (essential for taking apart cellphones and Audi brake cylinders), hex wrenches (for unscrewing computer housings), and Pozidrive bits (for assembling or disassembling various electronic devices and for — believe it or not — repairing harmonicas).

The CyberTool also includes a wire stripper, wire crimper, and wire cutter, along with the dozen or so other items you'd expect to find on a Swiss Army Knife. It comes complete with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, Swiss Army Brands, and you can order one online for $79.99 at, or call the thinkgeek catalog company in Fairfax, Va., at (703) 293-6299.