Leading clinicians, healthcare executives, technology thought leaders and vendors are expected to gather at the Emerging Technologies & Healthcare Innovations Congress 2002 (ETHIC 2002), June 19-21, 2002, at the Hilton Washington & Towers, Washington DC. ETHIC 2002 plans to provide healthcare industry executives with an in-depth conference to address the impact and promise of technology innovation on the future of healthcare. Through a faculty of over 150 and more than 50 sessions, ETHIC's forum and trade show will address the relevance and role of a wide range of healthcare IT issues. Event participants will have the opportunity to interact with technology providers and suppliers and preview and demo new and innovative products in an exhibit setting.

The conference is sponsored and co-sponsored by 26 managed-care and healthcare technology-related organizations; among them the American Healthcare Quality Association, the American Medical Group Association, and the Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law.

To get a flavor of the conference’s content, here are the titles of the various plenary sessions:

Technology Strategies to Transform Healthcare Finance and Delivery
Futurist Face Off - Visions of a Digital Health System
Pharmacogenomics and the Future of Medicine
eHealth, EDI and Clinical Informatics: Building a National Health Infrastructure
Social, Economic and Policy Implications of Technology's Transformation of Healthcare

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