Would you pay $8.95 to escape the airport circus for a half hour? You bet. Never mind that for the price a new company called Laptop Lane will give you a six-by-nine soundproof space, plus all the business equipment you need to get some work done: a Pentium PC, multiline phone, laser printer, fax machine, and copier. Internet access is available via modem or T1 line, and a cyber-concierge is on duty at all times for tech support.

Seattle-based Laptop Lane is already renting space to waiting travelers in Seattle and Cincinnati airports. The company will open in Atlanta airport by the end of the year, and plans an aggressive expansion around the country, according to President and CEO Bruce Merrell. The $8.95/half-hour fee covers all costs except long-distance calls and photocopies (black and white laser print-outs from your computer are free).

Where to Look: Seattle: seven Laptop Lane mini-offices (including a meeting room for eight people) in the main terminal between the B and C concourses, about 30 yards from Starbucks

Cincinnati: 12 in the Delta concourse near gate B20

Atlanta: 14 in Concourse A; 5 in Concourse T.

Coming soon: See the company Web site for new locations: www.laptoplane.com.