If you’re thinking about including a philanthropic or volunteer activity in your meeting’s agenda, here are some interesting facts.

According to a recent study by Walker Information, more insurance industry employees tend to do volunteer work than any other industry surveyed—44 percent of insurance employees were involved in corporate volunteer programs. Financial services came in second, with 36 percent; communications companies were third, with 32 percent; and transportation organizations were fourth, at 25 percent. Volunteerism was least prevalent in government, manufacturing, and retail.

Other key findings: 1. The higher the employee’s position, the more likely he or she will participate in work-sponsored programs. Almost four in 10 senior/middle managers volunteer; while only 26 percent of first-level supervisors and just 20 percent of rank-and-file workers participate.
2. Women are more likely to volunteer than men (28 percent versus 20 percent).