A partnership between the largest association management company in the U.S., SmithBucklin Corp., and a leading European event management company, MCI, creates a new entity to service international customers.

The SmithBucklin + MCI Global Partnership, launched February 14, establishes a network of more than 1,000 event and association management professionals in eight countries and 15 offices around the world. It plans to work with associations that are looking to expand overseas or hold international meetings, by providing local resources and infrastructure.

The organization is neither a separate company nor a merger between Chicago-based SmithBucklin and Geneva, Switzerland-based MCI; rather it’s a formal partnership governed by an executive council comprised of executives from both companies.

Brenda Anderson, vice president of global business development at SmithBucklin, will oversee the operation as managing director. Anderson joins Michael Payne, executive vice president, and Henry Givray, chairman and chief executive officer, as SmithBucklin’s representatives on the council. Roger Tondeur, president; Sebastien Tondeur, CEO, corporate division; and Robin Lokerman, CEO, institutional division, represent MCI on the council. In addition, Givray will sit on MCI’s board of directors, while Roger Tondeur will serve on SmithBucklin’s board.

“The bench depth and the expertise that we bring on a global level is unmatched,” says Anderson. “It gives a breadth and scope to the work that we do to help any international client that’s looking to have continuity whether they are based in North America or Europe.”