The next eHealthcareWorld Conference, held May 23-25 at the San Diego Convention Center, will present an array of best practices, innovations, trends and business opinions. The organizer, eMarketWorld, bills this as the healthcare industry's "only non-partisan event focused on the Internet and emerging technologies."

The six conference tracks consist of:
Physicians: Covers medical education, and the steps necessary for physicians to incorporate emerging technologies into their practice. This track is mainly for physicians, and offers Continuing Medical Education credits for their participation.

Hospital, Health System and Provider Strategies: Explores web and Internet-based strategies from the caregiver perspective. In this track attendees will learn how to leverage emerging technologies to maintain efficiencies in care financing and delivery for competitive advantages.

Insurance, MCO's and Employers: Offers attendee's information to implement and understand emerging technologies strategies to achieve cost savings, efficiencies and economies of scale.

The Business of eHealth: Content and Application Suppliers: Focuses on content and application suppliers, this track examines the general e-health landscape. Experts will discuss new technologies such as wireless and broadband delivery strategies, as well as analyze business and financing models, funding, globalization and legal issues.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech: Concentrates on emerging technologies strategies for marketing, research and drug development. This track will cover such hot-button issues as clinical trials and patient recruitment, global knowledge and data sharing, standardization and privacy.

Marketing, Branding and Advertising: Focuses on advanced marketing and advertising strategies. Companies will share information on their successes and failures in capturing market share, extending their brand to the offline market, pre-launch marketing planning and online market research.

``eHealthcareWorld has fast become the industry platform for exchanging unbiased news, ideas and opportunities in the expanding world healthcare via emerging technologies,'' said Wendy Borow-Johnson, Content Chairman of eHealthcareWorld. ``While the attraction to the conference is broad-based, we're finding that our six robust tracks are magnets for diverse audiences who represent specific vertical elements of the industry.''

For more information, contact Neil Hoyt at eMarketWorld at 800-535-1812 or