iPhysicianNet today announced the appointment of Myron Holubiak as its new President and Chief Operating Officer reporting to Peter Moriarty, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of iPhysicianNet. Holubiak will assume his new post on August 1, 2001, and has been elected to iPhysicianNet's Board of Directors.

Holubiak will be responsible for directing iPhysicianNet's daily operations with a focus on network development, client interactions, and general management. Moriarty will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, directing the company's growth strategies.

Holubiak was most recently the President of Roche Laboratories, Inc., where he headed all of the commercial activities for Roche-USA. Holubiak oversaw the achievements and activities of over 3,000 medical, marketing and sales personnel. Roche launched and achieved market share leadership with Xenical, Tamiflu, and Valcyte, as well as maintaining leadership positions with Rocephin, Versed, Demadex, Romazicon, Accutane, Soriatane, and CellCept during his tenure.

Previously Holubiak was a co-founding partner in Emron, Inc., a strategic marketing agency focused on communicating the value of pharmaceuticals to cost-sensitive customer segments. Emron served as the management consulting firm during the founding and early years of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). Emron was purchased by IMS Health (Dunn & Bradstreet) in September of 1994. Prior to Emron, Holubiak had a long and successful history of marketing and sales management positions with Roche Laboratories.

``Myron brings the experience of being a top executive in a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical company searching for better ways to reach and communicate with their customers. He also has a unique background for a senior industry executive having earlier successfully established and grown his own small company into a premier agency helping their pharmaceutical clients compete successfully. Myron's considerable experience and leadership skills are, therefore, being tapped at a time when iPhysicianNet will gain significant benefit as it establishes its video detailing service as a standard sales and marketing tool of the pharmaceutical industry,'' commented Peter Moriarty. Holubiak noted, ``The industry battles daily to snatch a few precious moments of time with their best customers. This has led to highly inefficient and very costly expansions in sales forces to the point where each company must question the longer term outlook in building more sales force capacity. iPhysicianNet has proven it can reach, engage, and deliver high quality interactions that produce results with the most sought after physicians. iPhysicianNet is the unquestioned leader in video detailing and can no longer be viewed as an alternative media. It is an essential method in reaching and having a meaningful dialogue with doctors.''

iPhysicianNet provides live, face-to-face video detailing. The system utilizes a network of video conferencing equipped personal computers operating through high-speed telecommunications lines to provide physicians with access to live interactions with pharmaceutical companies, the Internet, e-mail, medical news and references, and continuing medical education resources. The company, formed in 1996, is headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. For more information, visit www.iPhysicianNet.com.