Osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) and osteopathic medical students from across the country will travel to southern California for the American Osteopathic Association's (AOA) 106th Annual Convention and Scientific Seminar, October 21-25. Held at the San Diego Convention Center, the sessions focus on caring for individuals from the stage of birth through the end of life.

Thirteen osteopathic specialty colleges will offer seminars while a Research Conference highlights studies and presentations, several on the topic of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). In addition, political analyst Charlie E. Cook, Jr., will kick off the convention by sharing his knowledge on today's political and legislative environment. Cook is renowned for being one of the country's leading authorities on U.S. elections.

But what will be perhaps the most interesting course takes place the day before. "Coping with Socioeconomic Trends in Your Practice" will be presented on Saturday, October 20 at the San Diego Marriott. It will be presented in two sessions:

In the first session, Dr. Michael Owens, a nationally known healthcare consultant and lecturer, will deliver a keynote address on socioeconomic trends impacting practicing osteopathic physicians.

The second session will consist of a panel of technology-oriented physician leaders who will discuss a number of topics including:

HIPAA – impact on physician practice and office systems.
Hardware and software tools to improve patient care and practice productivity.
Planning techniques for integration of technology into the physician office practice.
Insurance industry initiatives that will simplify office paperwork and billing.
Both sessions will offer ample opportunity for audience questions and comments.

Additionally, all attendees will receive 2.5 hours of Category 2-B Continuing Medical Education credit. Following the session, attendees are invited to attend a short meeting of the Committee on Socioeconomic Affairs, which will be held in the same room as the educational program. To learn more, visit the course website