Questions every planner should ask:

  • Is your hotel SafePlace Accredited?
  • Are criminal background checks performed for all members of your staff, including housekeeping and catering personnel?
  • Does the number and qualification of your weekend and evening management staff differ from your weekday staff?
  • Will a manager be onsite at all times throughout my meeting? May I have their name and phone number?
  • Is your management adeptly trained to deal with emergencies: i.e., bomb threats, natural disasters, fire, medical, etc.?
  • May I review your written emergency management/safety information plans?
  • What security and emergency management training have you provided your staff in the past year? Do you conduct regular drills? Is your staff evaluated regularly regarding these measures?
  • Is your facility compliant with national food service codes and standards?
  • May I review your written housekeeping work practices?
  • In the event of an incident will my client and I be promptly notified? By what means?
  • Does the facility comply with the national fire code, ensuring safe building evacuation?
  • In the event of a "lockdown" situation (catastrophic weather or other situation) does the hotel provide an area of refuge stocked with food and water for guests?

Source: The SafePlace Web site