Prior to the keynote speech by Douglas E. Goldstein (a medical technology futurist) at this year's Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) annual meeting, and the MGMA conducted an online survey on Digital Doctoring tactics with medical practice executives attending the conference. Seventy-eight percent of respondents indicated that physicians in their medical practices "use handheld wireless devices or PDAs'' for clinical, business and personal functions."

This is a substantial increase from the 21% of practice administrators indicating handheld use in 2000, as reported in a separate MGMA survey last year. For more and MGMA survey highlights email

Goldstein's keynote for the more than 4000 executives profiled the next revolutions in health care. Said Goldstein, "Preparedness and DNA and Nano Doctoring (employing nanotechnology in healthcare) are the next Tsunamis to hit health care. Every doctor and practice executive must understand the advances and capabilities in these areas to cope with patient needs and to address vital national interests."

His presentation included examples of the latest use and ROI of wired and wireless eHealth applications such as Panasonic tele-home care appliance that enables remote monitoring of patient vital signs and real-time cyber visits with their care providers (

He also outlined how Internet technology can serve as an invaluable e-Learning tool and rapid response system for identifying and reporting disease outbreaks from a bioterrorism attack, which would be critical in containing a smallpox outbreak. For more on Digital, DNA and Nano doctoring contact