MEETING PROFESSIONALS International and the Professional Convention Management Association are launching a multiculturalism toolkit that will be distri-buted to PCMA and MPI chapter leaders. It is the first time that the two groups have collaborated on a major project β€” but it probably won't be the last.

PCMA CEO David Kushner and MPI CEO Colin Rorrie Jr. announced the initiative at the PCMA convention, held in January at the Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu. It was also introduced at the MPI Professional Education Conference in late January in San Diego. β€œIt's a natural first step,” says Kushner, as both organizations already had a commitment to multiculturalism.

The toolkit will provide leaders with the resources and guidance needed to raise awareness of multicultural issues, strengthen relationships in the African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian markets, and promote involvement in the organizations. Michael Gamble, chairman of PCMA's Diversity Task Force, and Linda Simpson, chairwoman of MPI's Multicultural Initiative, head the joint effort.

The two organizations are looking to collaborate on other projects in the future, says Rorrie. The next will most likely be related to training or career development, he says.