The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) has formed a new alliance with several international business-travel associations. The alliance, called the Paragon Agreement, was announced at the NBTA's 34th Annual Convention and Trade Show, held this week in Salt Lake City.

The Paragon Agreement comprises these global organizations: NBTA, the Institute of Travel Management, the Business Travel Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Canadian Business Travel Association, the German Business Travel Association, and the Australasian Business Travel Association.

In announcing the Paragon Agreement, NBTA President Kevin Iwamoto said the alliance will serve to support the travel-management profession and the international business-travel industry, offer a forum for the exchange of ideas among its member organizations, and advance the understanding of corporate travel management among corporate organizations.

"Business travel is crucial to our world economy," Iwamoto said, "and in this time of international uncertainty, it's important to come together for a common cause. Forming this alliance makes a powerful statement that we are going to do everything we can to ensure that business travel remains a critical aspect of our global conomy."