Non-compliance costs the pharmaceutical industry an average of $150 billion a year. About 20 percent of all prescriptions are never filled. Fifty percent of all prescriptions filled are taken incorrectly. On April 11-12, 2002, a meeting of pharmaceutical executives will convene in Philadelphia, PA at the Adam’s Mark Hotel to problem-solve this loss of revenue at Patient Compliance Conference, which has been organized by the Center For Business Intelligence Research, Inc. (CBI) based in Woburn, Mass. Pharmaceutical companies are becoming more aware of the cost of patient noncompliance. Many associations for physicians and consumers are being developed in order to make people more aware of this issue and to promote certain methods of aiding patients to comply with their prescriptions, while the pharmaceutical industry has never had an opportunity to bring their ideas together.

The goal of this conference is to communicate the potential financial risks and losses involved in noncompliance and discuss the new programs and resolutions that can aid the pharmaceutical industry in making more money through compliance programs.

This conference addresses the financial implications of patient compliance through case studies and sessions lead by pharmaceutical executives and high- level consultants. Pharmaceutical companies must implement compliance programs for physicians and pharmacists to administer to perspective patients, in order to make them more aware of their condition and the benefits of taking their medication. These programs will build brand loyalty and increase prescription fulfillment thus increasing sales. An introduction to the types of programs that are now in existence, as well as behavioral studies as to what factors influence a patient to not fill their prescription or comply with the prescription will be discussed in depth.

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