The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) will hold it’s second annual Thought Leaders Conference on November 17 at the Emory Conference Center, Atlanta. This year’s Conference will focus on Measuring Physician Performance.

This year’s “Thought Leader” builds on the previous year’s conference topic, which was “Profiling Physician Performance.” Attendees will have the opportunity to take a look at how different approaches have been designed to attempt to appraise the work physicians do; to measure the care given patients. The various attempts to measure what physicians do are something that everyone who cares about the practice of medicine needs to know more about – regardless of where one stands on the issue.

MAG will bring together experts who have a grasp of national trends in measurement, business people who offer measurement products, area physicians who are subject to the measures we will be discussing, and leaders who will be involved in shaping decisions that will affect medical practice and healthcare delivery. Attendance at the Conference will be limited to seventy-five participants, so that all will have the opportunity to thoroughly discuss and react to the presentations.

The Conference is funded by a grant from HealthCare Research, Inc. All conference expenses are covered by the grant. To learn more, visit