Xportical ( www.xportical.com), Inc. announced the release of a new suite of tradeshow applications entitled XPO, ranging from online registration services to the mobile computing environment. XPO aims to solve existing problems associated with the tradeshow industry from the perspectives of the tradeshow organizer, the exhibitor, and the attendee. Xportical’s applications provide online registration, scheduling, news information, and interactive mapping to wireless devices for trade shows and conferences, allows for wireless registration and check-in, provides the ability to distribute corporate literature between devices, and provides the ability to receive user data at the exhibitor level through an infrared interface and track the user’s level of interest beyond the trade show. The scope of services cover four distinct areas including, itinerary information, online & event registration, lead management, and marketing. Trade show and conference owners have invested a great deal in creating, updating and publishing information for the people who work, shop and play in their facilities or event including signs and maps, catalogues, brochures, web sites, corporate intranets, and more. Xportical takes that information, organizes and publishes it on a mobile extranet so that it can be delivered to the wide variety of handheld devices that a growing number of people are carrying at and about the shows including Palm, Windows CE, Epoch, Blackberry, and WAP-enabled devices. The Company provides the tools necessary for automatically updating and re-publishing their data so that tradeshow employees and visitors have the up-to-date information they need, when they need it, and can make the most efficient use of the tradeshow environment.