According to the Federal Aviation Administration, new airline security measures have been put into effect in the wake of last week's tragedy.

*Only ticketed passengers will be allowed beyond an airport's security checkpoint. Those holding electronic tickets should contact the airline to determine the needed ticket documentation, such as tickets, boarding passes, or reservation confirmation. All passengers should bring government-issued photo identification. Provisions will be made for parents who need to meet unaccompanied minors, for disabled persons, for persons with special needs who require the accompanyment of healthcare assistants or guardians, and for medical personnel who need to respond to a medical emergency beyond the checkpoint.

*No knives or or cutting instruments of any size or material will be allowed in the aircraft cabin. Knives may be transported only in checked baggage. Airlines will no longer provide steak knives for on-board food service.

*There will be thorough searches of all airports and airplanes before passengers are allowed to enter and board aircraft.

*Curbside check-in is prohibited.

*Checking bags at off-airport sites is prohibited. You may still use these sites to obtain boarding passes and seat assignments.

*Vehicles parked near the airport will be closely monitored.

*You may notice additional uniformed law enforcement officers and FAA canine teams patrolling the airport.

*FAA Federal Air Marshals who are armed and trained in the use of firearms on board aircraft will be flying anonymously on select flights. The FAA will not reveal the number or identities of the marshals. The DOT is working with other government agencies to see if other highly trained agents may be deployed to augment the Federal Air Marshal force.

Task forces also have been created to develop additional airport security measures.


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