World Medical Leaders, a New York City-based on-line CME provider, has announced an exclusive online presentation dealing with medical issues related to potential terrorist activities. These lectures presented at New York University Medical Center are now available free to all physicians around the world at

During the lectures, New York University Medical Center faculty discussed hands-on experiences and emergency preparedness for potential biological and chemical attacks in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster. The presenters stressed how essential it is that physicians be up-to-date on key diagnostic factors, treatments, and reporting procedures. They reviewed chemical and biological agents most likely to be used in an attack. In addition, the presenters discussed what to expect in the psychological and social arenas following a terrorist attack.

Speakers included Dr. Robert S Hoffman, Medical Director of the New York Poison Control Center, as well as leading experts on infectious diseases, and psychiatry.

On the first day the on-line presentations were available, the lectures "...were viewed 25 times as often as any previous lecture premiere" at the site, according to Norman Hollenberg, MD, Chairman of the medical advisory board of World Medical Leaders, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and former Associate Editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. "Along with physicians from the U.S., clinicians from countries as far ranging as Spain, India, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Denmark, and Australia have already viewed the bioterrorism lectures."

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The lectures, entitled "Learning From the World Trade Center Disaster And Preparing Physicians for Potential Terrorist Attacks in the Future" are conducted in five parts:

Part I: Introduction and the Role of NYU During the Crisis
Part II: Psychosocial Management of Disaster/Trauma
Part III: Emergency Preparedness for Chemical Terrorism
Part IV: Bioterrorism Practicum 101
Part V: Q&A

Faculty for the presentation include:

William Slater, MD, Chief of the Medical Service, New York University Medical Center
Eric C. Radkow, MD, Chief Medical Officer, New York University Medical Center
Martin J. Blaser, MD, Chairman of the Department of Medicine, New York University Medical Center
Mack Lipkin, MD, Director, Division of Primary Care Internal Medicine, New York University Medical Center
Robert S. Hoffman, MD, Medical Director, New York Poison Control Center
Robert S. Holzman, MD, Professor of Clinical and Environmental Medicine, Acting Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, New York University Medical Center

To learn more, and to view the presentations, visit the World Medical Leaders website.