The status of hotels in World Trade Center area as of 9/20/01:

The Marriott World Trade Center is closed indefinitely.

Embassy Suites Hotel is closed to guests until further notice. Rescue workers are currently being housed in the hotel.

Millennium Hilton will be announcing its status in the near future.

New York Marriott Financial Center currently plans to reopen October 20, but may reschedule to a later date.

More information on hotels in this area will be posted as soon as it’s available.

For information on hotel availability in other areas of New York, go to

NYC & Company, New York’s convention and visitors bureau, and the Hotel Association of NYC, are offering comp rooms and distressed rates at numerous New York hotels. Those needing to take advantage of special rates should call the Hotel Reservation Network, which is coordinating the efforts, at (888) 805-4040. Hotels wishing to participate should call Patricia Diaz at HRN at 800-385-9438 extension 1250.

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