PGI, Inc., the Arlington, Va.-based event and communications agency, has signed an agreement with Passkey, the online housing service.

Passkey, based in Quincy, Mass., is an ASP (applications services provider) for group reservations management. The Web-based system allows hoteliers and planners access to real-time housing reports and other updates when organizing a citywide convention or single property meeting.

PGI clients already had the option of using b-there, another online housing provider. Now, PGI clients can choose which provider is best for them. In addition to housing, PGI’s Housing, Registration and Travel (PGI HRT) services include online event registration and travel bookings, as well as traditional fax, mail and phone options.

Commenting on the new agreement, PGI Chairman and CEO, Darryl Hartley-Leonard says, "Having multiple technologies to draw from allows PGI and our clients to truly customize our HRT services to their needs. In addition, by making PGI HRT Passkey-enabled, planners and CVBs currently operating on the Passkey platform can now take advantage of PGI's service while maintaining the continuity of their favorite technology platform."

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