The Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education (MCPE), a Polish government-sponsored continuing medical education (CME) provider, has signed a memorandum of understanding with New York City-based Exus Networks, Inc., a provider of satellite telecommunication services.

The MOU calls for the creation of a satellite-based telemedicine network that will provide Poland-based doctors with access to continuing education programs delivered from the U.S., Europe, and Israel. The CME-based information will be delivered using streaming media, VoIP communication services, and video teleconferencing, among other telecommunication technologies. MCPE, through CME programs, trains approximately 20,000 doctors annually, who are collectively in contact with some 10,000,000 total patients.

The initial deployment of this program calls for the installation of VSAT terminals at hospitals in Warsaw, Posnan, and Katovitz, which will be connected to Exus' shared satellite network. The Polish Ministry of Health will provide the licenses for operation of these satellite-based services.

Under the agreement, Exus will be responsible for installing and maintaining the network infrastructure that will provide the necessary connectivity to operate the MCPE's CME programs. Exus will also be responsible for managing business relationships and financial arrangements with CME content providers. Both MCPE and Exus Networks will pursue financing for the project through a combination of international, Polish government initiated grants; sponsorships from companies in the health industry; and course fees charged to doctors. The programs are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2002 and yield $2 million in revenue.

Ike Sutton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Exus Networks, commented, "We are excited to be participating in a cutting-edge and dynamic industry such as satellite-based distance CME programs. This agreement positions Exus to develop distance learning via satellite, capabilities that are one of the most important services delivered over our network. It will ensure that doctors participating in these programs are able to enhance their education and keep up with the latest advancements in medicine from around the world. This agreement is a model for other countries in our network."

Dr. Walerian Staszkiewicz, Director of Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education, stated, "We are pleased that in partnership with Exus Networks we will create an international CME environment for Poland. This international CME environment will address educational, training and professional aspects in course information to thousands of Polish doctors, which will in turn benefit millions of patients in Poland. We look forward to partnering with Exus and jointly identifying additional opportunities to introduce distance-based CME programs into the Polish marketplace."

To learn more about Exus Networks, please visit its website.