For your attendees, the next best thing to being at your incentive conference is looking at their conference photos. Even better is sharing those photos with friends and family.

Book to take photos at your next program and qualifiers won’t have to wait until they get home, or even until the end of the conference, to start sharing their favorite shots.

“Events are about creating stories,” says Sam Stanton, who founded in Dallas in 2001. The stories happen in the incredible settings you provide, and capturing those stories is where comes in.

The company’s most popular offering is the eCard kiosk. Imagine an attendee, on her way to dinner, stopping by a kiosk and scrolling through photos of herself from that day. She chooses up to 10 to make a personalized slide show, writes a note, provides an e-mail address, and sends it off to her kids, her parents, her best friend, herself.

“This is our third release,” Stanton notes. “This release is Web-based, something we couldn’t do previously, as hotels were slow to expand Internet connectivity throughout their properties. With earlier releases, we had to create a local version that would store the eCards until we were able to get a high-speed connection somewhere on the property.” The kiosks also can now link attendees to Facebook, so they can upload photos directly to their accounts.

One insurance company client started with four kiosks and now sets up 10 of them in order to accommodate the number of attendees sending eCards. “Guests on average in 2009 sent 6 eCards per person per day of the trip,” Stanton says. “An interesting note is that even though the company could go without any kiosks and just point their guests to on their own laptops, they still wanted the kiosks. With the prints we lay out in the photo gallery on the kiosks, there’s a lot of, ‘Oh, my gosh, look at these photos of me swimming with dolphins! You guys should do that tomorrow.’ Or ‘Did you send an eCard of those great shots of you at the luau back to the kids?’ They create a great hub of energy where the guests relive and reinforce the experiences they are having on site.”

The eCards can be customized with a company’s logo. And provides scenic shots from the destination and hotel, which attendees can include in their slide shows.

Another of the company’s popular offerings is an empty, custom photo album presented to attendees as their first-night room gifts. Then, throughout the conference, attendees choose all the hard-copy photos they want to fill the album.

Of course, can do your slide-show montage at dinner as well. “Even with smaller budgets, we can still have a lot of fun,” says Stanton. Get’s whole picture or try out a sample eCard using the password “demo.”

What’s New: RedbuttonLIVE

Longtime video and production specialist Kimball Anderson recently joined to add full-service event-production capabilities to the company’s portfolio. His pitch promises “veteran button pushers” behind the scenes—but glibness aside, these guys have been around the block with corporate clients. With an emphasis on working with you ahead of time to thoroughly understand a meeting’s goals, Anderson is also well aware of the budgetary constraints planners are working under today, and can offer samples and references from previous productions in many budget ranges. Here’s the whole story of the new offering.