Personal digital assistants sure are fun. Take the Handspring Visor, which comes with a module-adding system called Springboard that will turn your PDA into a telephone, a Gameboy, or a global positioning system. Now, thanks to the resourceful folks at RayNet Technologies in Singapore, Handspring Visor PDAs are capable of too much fun. In October, RayNet introduced the world's first body massager module. Yes! RayNet's Raycom Personal Massager plugs into the Visor and turns it into a massaging device. Attach a couple of little gel pads (included) and let the electronic muscle stimulation begin!

The unit comes with a body guide that explains where to attach the pads and offers three massage modes (squeezing, chopping, and tapping, it says in the brochure).

Naturally, the RayNet engineers understand that the Handspring Visor is first and foremost a productivity tool, so the massager is designed to operate in the background while other PDA software is in use. At $99, this is certainly the cheapest massage option around. To learn more, visit