According to an article in the July 22 edition of The New York Times, high-speed Internet access in hotels may not be as ubiquitous as some attendees—and meeting planners—might expect. Even when it is offered, it doesn’t always work, said the article. Sometimes the hotel has enough bandwidth capacity for only a certain number of rooms, and it is overwhelmed when too many log on. Some hotels may require guests to download special software from disks the hotel provides, which may not seem like a good idea in these virus-conscious times.

CenterGate Research Group decided to come to the rescue by putting together an internal list of hotels that offer high-speed access that works. Available to the general public at, the site is visited by up to 10,000 visitors daily, according to the Times, though with so many hotels adding high-speed access, the list may not be completely up-to-date. The site offers some fun, first-hand commentary along with its high-tech picks in countries from Argentina to the United Kingdom, such as calling the Nob Hill Lambourne in San Francisco "Geek Heaven." It also includes each listed hotel’s full address and phone number.