1. Without an attrition clause in a group's hotel contract, the group is not liable for unused rooms in its room block.

2. A podium refers to a:
Raised platform upon which the speaker stands

4. “Zulu time” is:
Another term for Greenwich Mean Time

5. When negotiating room rents for religious seminars, the MOST important factor is:
The total value of your meeting

6. A “batten” is:
A length of pipe from which scenery can be hung

7. A contract written on a napkin that is signed by both parties is enforceable.

8. A member of your church calls the hotel stating they have small children traveling with them and would like “adjoining” sleeping rooms. What does “adjoining” mean?:
Rooms with common walls that do not have connecting doors

9. As a general rule, how many people can be seated in a hollow square measuring 16 feet on each side?

10. To secure appropriate exhibit space for a 300-booth exposition, each booth requiring a 10-by-10-foot space, how many gross square feet of space is required?

11. Which of the following refers to the number of persons served at a food function?

12. If your meeting contract with a hotel provides for “guaranteed rates” at a fixed, stated amount, can the hotel require your attendees to pay a resort fee imposed by the hotel? The resort fee includes in-room coffee, bottled water, newspaper delivery, free long distance, and access to the hotel's fitness center.

13. The greatest percentage of profit for the typical hotel originates from:
Sleeping rooms

14. Assuming there is an evenly mixed crowd of men and women at your reception, one hour's unlimited hors d'oeuvres usually are estimated for how many tidbits per person?

15. What is the BEST use of a serpentine table during a banquet buffet luncheon for 500 attendees featuring a panel discussion?
Food display

16. You are responsible for setting up a newsroom for your meeting. You expect at least 50 members of the media. Ideally, how many square feet should you provide for a newsroom?

17. Is creating an addendum or rider an effective way to modify a contract?
Yes, if the addendum and the contract refer to each other.

18. You are a meeting professional whose organization is trying to mitigate attrition damages. What is the FIRST thing that you should do?
Compare the hotel's reservation list to your attendee list.

19. When providing ramps for wheelchair users, the maximum slope should be:
1 inch height (rise) for each foot of length (running)

20. A “herringbone” or “chevron” setup utilizes which setup pattern?
Diagonal rows

21. For your overseas meeting, you will be shipping a significant quantity of exhibit materials. You want these materials to enter, be set up and exit the host country duty-free, and therefore need to make arrangements for the preparation of a:

22. If an attrition-fee provision says nothing about getting credit for resold rooms, is the group legally entitled to get credit for resold rooms?
Yes, but only if the contract states so

23. You are attending a meeting of experts in the field of biblical research at which learned papers will be presented. What type of format is this?
A symposium

24. Modified American Plan (MAP) means:
Bed with breakfast plus lunch or dinner

25. What is the minimum open door clearance required to permit a standard wheelchair to pass through?
32 inches

26. Which of the following is probably the MOST in-depth and thorough method of documenting meeting specifications?
Staging guide

27. The Denomination of Believers held its retreat at River Resort. One of the events in which the attendees could participate was whitewater rafting. Wanda and her husband, Bill, took part. During the trip, the raft tipped, and Bill was thrown out of the raft and sustained back injuries. Bill sued the raft company, the denomination and River Resort. Who can be held liable for Bill's injuries?
The denomination, the resort and the raft company

28. An interactive meeting that utilizes a lectern, table microphone, and floor microphones, all patched through the public address system, should use _____ microphones to minimize feedback:

29. The term “Union Call” refers to:
The number of union waiters who are called upon to serve a function

30. A crescent round setup is:
Rounds with no one with their back to a speaker

31. The hotel agreement specifies “one complimentary unit (bedroom) per 50 room nights occupied on a “per night basis” for your three-day meeting. 120 rooms were used Sunday, 180 on Monday, 200 on Tuesday, and 50 on Wednesday. You are entitled to:
10 room nights

32. Can a room block at a hotel for a citywide denominational conference be canceled by the group without any liability to the hotel if the city convention center becomes unavailable for use by the group?
Maybe — it depends on what the contract says.

33. An “8 round” banquet table usually has a diameter of:
60 inches

34. The facility for your meeting is a property with 750 rooms. One of the first items you should clarify when working with the convention services manager is his/her:
Level of authority