Twelve meeting planners from a cross-section of faith-based groups participated in RCMA's first advisory council, April 30-May 2, at the Jacksonville Hyatt, Jacksonville, Fla. The purpose of the meeting was to provide relevant and timely feedback that will help refine the mission and direction of the association, says Dean Jones, CMP, RCMA's director of conferences and events.

“Advisory sessions will be a vital part of RCMA's future,” Jones says, noting that each future advisory panel will consist of different members, allowing more of RCMA's constituents to provide relevant feedback. A supplier-only session is scheduled for late summer.

“While we have an active board, to be able to interact with our members on the front lines is an additional opportunity to create community,” Jones explains.

Planners were selected from past and present members, as well as some who have never been RCMA members. Topics of discussion included mission statements, logo concepts, and new approaches to the annual conference.

Visit Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Hyatt hosted the event, and planners were treated to an in-depth look at historic Jacksonville and area houses of worship. “Our thanks to our partners for their role in this successful event,” Jones says.