The secret ingredients of jerk seasoning, a 19th century-style “wattle and daub hut,” a variety of worship services, and an expansive number of hotels were revealed to participants in the Jamaican Destination Update-Faith Based.

In cooperation with the Religious Conference Management Association, the Jamaica Tourist Board recently showed meeting planners from various denominations how this Caribbean island is a spiritual place for religious meetings.

Thanks to a diverse culture with roots that span the globe, virtually every faith and tradition has a presence on the island. In Jamaica, religion is omnipresent, permeating academic debates, ceremonies, and business and political life.

During their time on the island, RCMA members had a boonoonoonoos (wonderful) time learning how Jamaicans have used natural ingredients for cooking and healing for centuries; viewing the farms and countryside; touring hotels; and learning in an educational forum the increasing importance of the religious market and how to plan a conference in Jamaica.

On the Sabbath, RCMA participants traveled across the island to participate in various worship services. There was no shortage of churches from which to choose, as Jamaica is known for having more churches per square mile than any other destination in the world.

“We at the Jamaica Tourist Board are thrilled to have had the opportunity to host members of RCMA on their recent site inspection and to showcase the many wonderful accommodations and facilities available on our island,” said Marcia Bullock, regional director, groups and conventions. “Blessed with beautiful landscape, a colorful cultural heritage, and a warm and hospitable people, Jamaica is the ideal destination for groups who want to make their next meeting not only productive but to enjoy the rich heritage of our island nation.”


VISIT Milwaukee's Maria Brondyke has been promoted to director of sales. Brondyke, a member of RCMA, will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the sales office.

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