Often we ask, “What time is it?” with thoughts such as, “Am I late?” “How much more time is available,” or “How can I use the time that is still available?”

Someone stated, “There is no time like the present!” This being true, now is the time to be thankful and grateful for a holiday season that causes us to pause and reflect on another busy year.

Such thankfulness prompts us to look forward to a Christmas season that truly celebrates the joy and hope we have in the God of our salvation.

What a blessed opportunity is afforded us to again visit with family and friends and remind each other how grateful we are for our heritage and faith. I recently read that “faith is more than a mental exercise; it is trust that all things work together for our good.” Trust is a most important factor in all our relationships, both personal and business.

During this holiday season, may we again place trust in:

  • Our God,
  • Our family,
  • Our friends,
  • Our business associates, and
  • In ourselves to be “what we should be.”

May I extend to you a blessed and productive holiday season and approach the new year with expectancy and excitement for another productive year.
T.M. Jackson