1. We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This!

    You'll learn proven tips to make your next meeting more effective and productive.

  2. The Marvelous World of Religion (For Exhibitors)

    Learn how to develop a special rapport with religious meeting planners. Plus, gain insight into the varied types of religious conferences and assemblies.

  3. Adding Pizzazz to Your Meetings Without Breaking the Bank

    What truly makes an event special and rewarding is that special added touch, that something extra that makes your event memorable.

  4. Performing at Your Best in Any Situation

    Through an interactive experience, you learn four key rules for performing at your best and taking action immediately.

  5. The Elegant Edge: How to Build and Grow Vital Relationships, One Handshake at a Time

    Learn how to tap into your inner elegance and incorporate it into your personal brand.

  6. How to Successfully Negotiate Anything

    This session will contain an interactive negotiating exercise and tips for both beginners and old pros.

  7. Engaging Your Key Audiences With Social Media

    Learn how to effectively use social media applications to engage key audiences and spread your message.

  8. Your Roadway to Professional Certification

    This session will acclimate you to the process for obtaining the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation.

  9. Successful Partnerships in Uncertain Times (For Planners)

    Receive suggestions on how you can meet your budget requirements while being a strong partner with the hotel.

  10. We're in the People Business!

    This program identifies different types of people and how to work with them.

  11. Hotel Contracts Boot Camp

    Hotel contracts continue to be of critical importance to meeting professionals. This session will be high-level and will include a legal explanation of damages versus penalties as well as an analysis of several key clauses in hotel contracts.

  12. Who, What, When, Where to Plan Legally

    This session will discuss how the planner and supplier can avoid the common pitfalls of liability.

  13. The Five Cees of Winning Posture

    The Five Cees are conviction, commitment, confidence, character, and caring. They help you develop power and influence so others are receptive and attracted to your ideas, concepts, and proposals.

  14. Meetings and Security: What We Don't Like to Think About But Should

    Learn techniques to handle security-related crises during a religious event.

  15. Marketing Your Religious Event

    This tutorial will address knowing your target market, setting clear objectives, determining your method of communication, channels to use for your marketing mix, executing marketing activities, and building relationships.

  16. Customer Service Counts

    Gain insight into the power of status and how it affects your ability to find common ground with your vendors and attendees.

  17. The Changing Landscape

    How do you find the meeting professionals you are looking for? How can you utilize technology to help you be a better salesperson?