What technology would you like to add to your meeting planning?

We use Passkey for housing registration, and we wouldn't do housing without it. A lot of cities have adopted Passkey because you can call a central number or go online, and we just provide a link on our Web site. We started doing this a couple of years ago. We're trying to stay with the trend. Almost every city we go to has Passkey or a similar program.

We started online registration 10 years ago, and now 90 percent of our participants have switched. Before online was in vogue, we were already doing it. Ten percent still use paper, but as soon as our registrar gets it, they type the information into the program.

Jorge Vallejos
Director, Convention Planning
Mennonite Church USA
Elkhart, Ind.

I'd love to get my hands on more Mac computers. They seem to offer more diverse options. They come with cameras built in, so instead of calling, we could do videoconferencing, and then we could take them with us to the main events, for registration.

Also, we're trying to do multimedia presentations, and Mac seems to do a better job. We have another staff person in the office, in another department, but if we had the tools and training and a little creativity, we could do more ourselves.

Pete Manni
Conference Director
Campus Crusade for Christ
Mid-Atlantic Region
Exton, Pa.

What we really need is a program that will let us input our events and then let us know if a room we're using, for example, has a microphone or if we need to supply one. Then it would sort, either by room or by venue, how each is being used. Some programs let us do that, but we don't want to have to enter it 15 times. We have made Excel work, but it's cumbersome. We have to enter a microphone each time. It's a huge spreadsheet when it's done.

We've found a few software programs that do a few things, but none do all that we want.

Lori Lawley
Housing Manager
The General Council of the Assemblies of God
Springfield, Mo.