The main reason I go to RCMA is for the contacts: exchanging ideas with others in the field; catching up on what's happening so that I don't fall behind. The presentations — most of them excellent — are a bonus. Jeff Tobe's session, for example. I'd never heard of him before, and his presentation was a winner.

I bought his book, Coloring Outside the Lines, and read it as soon as I got home. I have the book on my desk right now and still pick it up and re-read parts at random. Jeff continues to prod me so that I don't climb back into my comfortable rut.
Rod Huron, CMP
Director of Service
Cincinnati Bible
College & Seminary

The greatest expectation I had for my first time at RCMA was fulfilled. I was able to communicate and receive the vital information I needed to help me plan all the conferences that I am managing.

One of the greatest things that I learned was regarding hotel revenue, during the Behind-the-Scenes session. I was able to see exactly what the hotel's perspective is on the financial side.

Thanks so much for making it such a memorable learning experience.
Floyd Duron
Meeting Manager
Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus

I was at two dynamic workshops. One dealt with clutter — how to conquer your clutter. That was excellent. The presenter was very helpful, even telling us how to tend to boxes, routing things: If you want to keep it, store it and date the boxes. The final tactic was to toss it. That was helpful. I've been shifting stuff here and there; I came home and started tossing.

The tutorials were excellent. We actually prepared a video with announcements during another session. It was a very good hands-on presentation I found it very helpful.
Carl R. Rogers
Ministerial Director/
Executive Secretary
Allegheny West Conference Seventh-day
Adventist Church Columbus, Ohio

I participated in the Behind-the-Scenes program, and I learned the ins and outs of planning a conference from the hotel's perspective. I also learned what a financial difference being flexible can make when arranging your hotel room blocks.

From the tutorials, I learned about various things. All of it was extremely valuable information. I also had the opportunity to network with people in the industry, both vendors and fellow meeting planners.

I would have to say that the most valuable lesson I learned from this conference was that the small details really make a big difference. The RCMA conference was very well-organized, and we, as attendees, were fully informed of what to expect, right down to every detail prior to arriving. The overall experience is one for meeting planners to emulate, in my opinion.
Denise Stone
Senior Vice President Travel and Event Services Christian World Network Seffner, Fla.

The main thing I get new out of the conference each year is the exhibitors; that's where I get much of my information. I look at what kind of suppliers are out here because I'm always needing suppliers.

It's also valuable to see the first impression you receive from convention and visitors bureaus, as well as properties. In the limited time that I have to visit with vendors, they need to tell me what makes their properties different. I know what my specs are, and I normally use 10 or more meeting rooms — so I appreciate it when properties don't try to sell me on their venues if they don't have what I need.
Michael J. Kosiba
Conference Chair National Catholic Committee on Scouting Tampa

Audiotapes or CD-ROMs of tutorials and general sessions at the 2004 RCMA World Conference and Exposition are available by calling Conference Resource at (866) 813-2451, or by going online to