In Honolulu, another variation on attendee communication has evolved through the Hawaii Convention Center's partnership with Convention Television, a private enterprise that is based in the center. Through the CTV network, convention information can be broadcast to any of approximately 28,000 hotel rooms in Waikiki, as well as monitors in the convention facility.

“We use it to enhance the experience for delegates and exhibitors,” says Randy Tanaka, director of business development at the Hawaii Convention Center. “It gives them [exhibitors] exposure beyond the four walls of the convention center.”

Recently, delegates at a conference in Honolulu were able to tune in to the CTV channel in their hotel rooms for information on the schedule, the destination, keynote addresses, welcome messages, daily wrap-up of convention activities, and interviews with key executives.

CTV can help organizations to promote themselves, explains Tanaka, by broadcasting information about upcoming conferences. Also, CTV can produce 60- to 90-second spots for organizations and their exhibitors, which can run on CTV during an event and then be streamed on the companies' Web sites.

In operation for two years in Hawaii, CTV is branching out to other convention cities, including San Francisco and, soon, Las Vegas.